ALIVIO centrum - Detail uživatele: Mgr. Enav Or-Gordon ענב אור-גורדון פסיכולוגית
Mgr. Enav Or-Gordon ענב אור-גורדון פסיכולוגית
klinická psycholožka
tel: 725828288     e-mail:

I am a clinical psychologist working in private practice. 
I offer individual psychotherapy for adults in the areas of cultural adaptation and relocation, stress managment, depression, relationships, communication, anxiety and mental disorders.
I aim at supporting self growth and, in cooperation with my clients, to increse inner freedom and well being.
I practice therapy relying on psychodynamic traditions, using techniques from other approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and short term therapy when needed. 

I have studied clinical psychology at the Hebrew University in Israel.

Between the years 2005-2010 I held the position of head psychologist and manager of the therapetic team in the Netivim school for children with mental disorders.

In Prague, I have worked for 5 years in the forensic ward at Bohnice Mental Hospital.

I have been practicing psychotherapy in my privvate clinic since 2008, first in Israel and since 2010, in Prague.